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Crystalpak® Wafer Shipping Box

The Crystalpak® wafer shipping box and 25 capacity cassette provide clean and secure wafer transport, optimum automation interface and the highest overall output for your facility

Crystalpak® SC Wafer Shipping Box

Clean and Secure Wafer Shipping Protection

The 2-piece Crystalpak® box is engineered to provide maximum protection for your 200mm wafers:

  • Manufactured from dimensionally stable, ultrapure polycarbonate which is low in outgassing
  • Removable gasket protects against external contamination
  • Patented wafer suspension system minimizes wafer rotation and particle generation
  • Ergonomic design ensures proper operator handling

Optimum Automation Performance

Crystalpak® SC Wafer Shipping BoxThe Crystalpak® cassette incorporates a variety of features to provide reliable automation integration and interoperability:

  • The only cassette on the market manufactured from polycarbonate, ensuring dimensional stability and accurate wafer plane
  • SEMI® standards compliant
  • "H" bar ensures accurate equipment interface

Highest Overall Output For Your Facility

The Crystalpak® box, combined with the cassette, offers maximum wafer protection, optimum automation interface to improve your productivity and increase overall yield. The Crystalpak® wafer shipping box:

  • Maximizes your wafer transfer throughput with precise wafer plane performance
  • Maximizes tool and AMHS uptime and long-term reliability with a dimensionally stable cassette
  • Is completely cleanable for reuse
  • Is stackable for greater utilization of space
  • Minimizes any contribution to contamination


Material Description

Polycarbonate material

Entegris’ ultrapure polycarbonate material is used in the box and cassette. This material offers:

  • Low inorganics
  • Low particle generation
  • Low outgassing
  • Dimensional stability

Overall Box Size:

  • Depth: 289.3mm (11.4")
  • Width: 268.0mm (10.6")
  • Height: 241.2mm (9.5")

Overall Cassette Size:

  • Depth: 218.4mm (8.6")
  • Width: 233.4mm (9.2")
  • Height: 220.7mm (8.7")

Wafer Spacing:

  • 6.35mm

Contact your local Entegris representative or Entegris Customer Service at 952-556-4181 for more information on Crystalpak® configuration options for your facility.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Material
HS200-0007-1 200mm Crystalpak® assembly shrinkwrap packaging High purity PC cover, base and cassette with Dynaflex gasket and LDPE cushions
HS200-0043-1 200mm Crystalpak® assembly cleaned packaging High purity PC cover, base and cassette with PBT gasket and LDPE cushions
HS200-0042-1 200mm Crystalpak® assembly shrinkwrap packaging High purity PC cover, base and cassette with PBT gasket and LDPE cushions
HS200-1700 200mm Crystalpak® reuse kit  Dynaflex gasket and LDPE top and bottom cushions
HS200-1100 200mm Crystalpak® reuse kit  PBT gasket and LDPE top and bottom cushions
Minimum order quantities may apply. Contact your Entegris Regional Customer Service Center for ordering information.

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200mm Crystalpak® Wafer Shipping Box