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Miscellaneous Device Carriers

Custom Carriers

Custom carriers allow you to construct a carrier to your specific requirements.

  • Use where a specified size is needed
  • Rails permit universal assembly to accommodate various widths
  • Sold as component parts only - assembly required

Carrier Construction

Each custom carrier is constructed of two side rails held together with number of rods that have been cut to length and tapped. These side rails and rods are attached with two screws for every rod. The rods are then held together with two retaining clips. The exact number of rods and screws is dependent on the carrier series selected. You specify the rod length to fit your applications.

PA83 Series


PA83                                      A021

  • For square or rectangular devices
  • Wash openings for efficient cleaning
  • Capacity: 30
  • Pocket spacing: 6.35mm (0.25")
  • Pocket flat: 3.18mm (0.13")
  • Pocket depth: 69.8mm (2.75")
  • Length: 221mm (8.7")
  • A021 handle attaches to carrier end wall
  • Compatible storage box: none
  • Handle overall size: 241mm x 15mm x 267mm (9.5" x 0.6" x 10.5")
  • Rod length is equal to the device length minus 10.67mm (0.42")
  • Lead time: eight weeks

Part Number Component Part Quantity per Carrier Material
PA83-01-0603 Individual side rail 2 Blue polypropylene
A83-01-0215 Individual side rail 2 PFA
PA85-04-0603 Retaining clip 2 Blue polypropylene
PA85-01-0603 Individual side rail
2 Blue polypropylene
PA85-01-61C02 Individual side rail
2 STAT-PRO® 100
1511-034 Screw 18 Stainless steel
1112-031CR Individual rod 9 Natural polypropylene
A021-0315 Handle - ETFE
When ordering, multiply the number of carriers desired by the quantity per carrier for each component. Please make sure your order quantity for each component meets or exceeds the minimum order quantity. Minimum order quantities may apply. Contact your Entegris Regional Customer Service Center for ordering information.