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2.5" and Smaller Wafer Handling

Single Wafer Shippers

H22 Series

  • Available for 2.5", 2", 1.5" and 1" wafers
  • Conical pocket holds one wafer facedown contacting only the wafer’s edges
  • Spring retains wafer and minimizes particle generation
  • Stackable for efficient use of storage space
  • Loose or lock stacking, either tray on tray or cover on tray
  • Convenient screw on covers
  • Large area on cover provides space for labeling

Part Number Wafer Size Description Material
H22-25-0615 2.5" Tray Natural polypropylene
H22-251-0615 Cover Natural polypropylene
H22-252-0615 Spring Natural polypropylene
H22-252-0815 Spring Low density polyethylene
H22-25-62C02 Tray STAT-PRO® 150
H22-251-62C02 Cover STAT-PRO® 150
H22-252-62C02 Spring STAT-PRO® 150
H22-20-0615 2" Tray Natural polypropylene
H22-201-0615 Cover Natural polypropylene
H22-202A-0615 Spring, low force Natural polypropylene
H22-202-0815 Spring Low density polyethylene
H22-20-62C02 Tray STAT-PRO® 150
H22-201-62C02 Cover STAT-PRO® 150
H22-202A-62C02 Spring STAT-PRO® 150
H22-15-0615 1.5" Tray Natural polypropylene
H22-151-0615 Cover Natural polypropylene
H22-152-0615 Spring Natural polypropylene
H22-152-0815 Spring Low density polyethylene
H22-15-62C02 Tray STAT-PRO® 150
H22-151-62C02 Cover STAT-PRO® 150
H22-152-62C02 Spring STAT-PRO® 150
H22-10-0615 1" Tray Natural polypropylene
H22-101-0615 Cover Natural polypropylene
H22-102-0815 Spring Low density polyethylene
H22-10-62C02 Tray STAT-PRO® 150
H22-101-62C02 Cover STAT-PRO® 150
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