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150mm Multiple Wafer Shipping Boxes

Ultrapak® Series


  • Individual horizontal cantilever springs limit wafer rotation to reduce particle contamination and also secure the wafers in the cassette to safeguard against breakage.
  • Ultrapure polypropylene materials provide a clean shipping environment and assure low levels of condensable inorganics.
  • Horizontal and vertical robotic pickup flanges on the cassette allow convenient handling.
  • Center notch track alignment and "H" bar ensure accurate equipment interoperability both vertically and horizontally.
  • Three design options to accommodate varying wafer thickness

Part Number Description  Wafer Thickness Range
H9150-0042 Thin wafer shipper, uncleaned
150 μ – 675 μ
high purity polypropylene
H9150-0043 Thin wafer shipper, cleaned 150 μ – 675 μ high purity polypropylene
H9150-0037 Standard wafer shipper, uncleaned
400 μ – 800 μ high purity polypropylene
H9150-0038 Standard wafer shipper, cleaned
400 μ – 800 μ high purity polypropylene

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150 mm Wafer Shipping and Handling Products