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156mm* Solar Cell Carrier


For over 40 years, Entegris has been the leader in semiconductor wafer handling. Now we have leveraged our world-class expertise to provide solutions for solar cell OEMs by offering a new 156 mm solar cell carrier.

The carrier is designed to simplify tooling and lower costs in transport applications. This 50-capacity carrier accommodates 156 mm x 156 mm square and “pseudo-square” wafers up to 1.70 mm thick.




Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene material for transport applications
  • Open endwall reduces costs, overall weight and masking on first and last wafer
  • Sidewall tie-bar improves stiffness, prevents wafer binding during insertion
  • Inner chamfer on sidewall tie-bar reduces damage to wafer during insertion or removal
  • Specially designed for fluid flow-through
  • Sidewall-locating notches reduce tolerance stack-up, provide for automation alignment
  • Designed for stackability, with or without wafers, for improved fab space
  • Pocket indicators aid in manual insertion of wafers to reduce cross-slotting
  • Handle notches designed for use with single- or double-handle configuration

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Minimum Order Quantity
PA156-101-0602 Black 54


Dimensions: Length 267 mm (10.51")
  Width 183 mm (7.20")
  Height 187 mm (7.36")
  Weight 0.53 kg (1.16 lbs.)

*Not designed to hold parts wider than 156.1mm.

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156 MM Solar Cell Carrier