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Solar Cell Wet Process Carrier

Improved minority carrier lifetime and cell yields

Worried about broken process carriers? Thermal expansion? Metallic contamination? Or, automation compatibility? It's time for a change. Discover how the Entegris wet process carrier offers you reduced cell defects, improved throughput and process efficiencies.

Offering a 100-capacity cell/wafer carrier to:

  • Improve your minority carrier lifetime
  • Reduce cell marks and defects 
  • Prevent metal contaminants from entering your process

For Batch Processing Applications:

  • Etch
  • Cleaning
  • Texturing
Features Benefits
  • Proprietary tooth design minimizes fluid traps
  • Improved process throughput and yield
  • Patented overmolding technique covers all stainless steel, leaving no external exposure
  • Cleaner process baths improve cell yield and minority carrier lifetime
  • PVDF base polymer offers excellent resistance to bath chemicals
  • Long-lasting carrier life
  • Carbon fiber filler in PVDF minimizes thermal expansion
  • Improved equipment interoperability through carrier's dimensional stability
  • Custom machined end walls fit wide variety of equipment requirements
  • Compatible with multiple automated machines
  • Optional retaining bar stabilizes cells within the carrier
  • Improved process control
  • Ordering Information

    Part Number Description
    WPC156-ST110-1 156 mm wet process carrier, 100 capacity
    WPC156-SR10-31023   Optional retaining bar
    Minimum order quantities may apply. Contact solar@entegris.com for ordering information.

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