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SB300 FIMS Compatible Full Pitch FOSB

Secure 300 mm wafer shipment in an automated full pitch FOSB

Clean and Secure Wafer Transport

The SB300 is engineered and manufactured to provide maximum protection of your wafers during transport:

  • Ultrapure polycarbonate housing is dimensionally stable, with low particle generation
    and outgassing
  • Molded-in wafer planes ensure wafer location accuracy and limit particulation
  • FIMS automation reduces wafer exposure to ambient environments
  • Specially engineered door cushion system limits cross slotting, is low in outgassing and minimizes wafer rotation
  • Automated FIMS compatibility minimizes potential contamination from human interaction
  • Protective gasket and filter limits infiltration of external particles
  • Ergonomically designed and positioned handles ensure proper operator handling
  • Metal-free assembly prevents metallic contamination

Optimum Automation Performance

The SB300 incorporates a variety of features to provide reliable automation interface and interoperability:

  • Precise full pitch 10 mm wafer spacing provides accurate and reliable wafer positioning
  • Automated FIMS door reduces the labor costs and human error associated with manual FOSB handling, and minimizes contamination potential from ambient environments and employee contact
  • Equipment interoperability is ensured by a 142 mm square top robotic lifting flange, lower side conveyor rails and a kinematic coupling plate

Highest Productivity For Your Facility

The SB300 is engineered to improve the overall productivity of your facility by offering maximum wafer protection, optimum automation interface and increased overall yield.

  • Precise wafer planes maximize your wafer transfer throughput
  • Dimensionally stable design maximizes tool and AMHS uptime, allowing less unscheduled downtime
  • FIMS automation minimizes contribution to contamination
  • Simple cleaning of entire assembly encourages increased reuse

Materials Description

Ultrapure polycarbonate material is used in the manufacture of the door and shell assembly, offering:

  • Low inorganics
  • Low particle generation
  • Low outgassing
  • Dimensional stability
  • SPI recycle code – 7

TPE materials are used in the manufacture of the door strip and gasket, offering:

  • Excellent sturdiness and resilience
  • Resistance to creep and flex fatigue
  • Low outgassing
  • Low levels of metals
  • SPI recycle code – 7

The SB300 ergonomic handles are made from black nylon.

The robotic lifting flange is made from carbonfiber-filled polycarbonate.

Product Specifications

  • Depth: 13.1" (332.8 mm)
  • Width (with handles): 16.4" (415.4 mm)
  • Height (including autotop flange):
    13.3" (336.9 mm)
  • Capacity: 25 wafers
  • Pitch: 10 mm

Packaging Specifications

Contact your Entegris representative for details on single unit packaging and palletized packaging.
​Secondary packaging is required if you intend to ship wafers. Proper secondary packaging and
the FOSB work together as system to help protect wafers from damage. The packaging that FOSBs
are shipped in is not M45 compliant and will not adequately protect wafer from catastrophic events.

Ordering Information

Part Number


FOSB, Full Assembly

Side Handles, OHT & RFID 1

SB300-M45-KIT Kit

Kit, Secondary Packaging (M45)  

4 per kit


Kit, Center Strip, Door

Recommend replace after 1 use  
20 per kit


Kit, Filter

Recommend replace after 1 use 20 per kit


Kit, Gasket, Door

Recommend replace after 1 use 20 per kit

Entegris Literature

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SB300 FIMS Compatible, Full Pitch FOSB
SB300 FIMS Compatible, Full Pitch FOSB (Japanese)