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Ultrapak® 100 mm Thin Wafer Shipping Box

Dramatically enhanced performance for thin wafer products

Clean and Secure Thin Wafer Transport

Entegris' new Ultrapak® 100 mm thin wafer shipper is designed for thin Si and compound semiconductor applications. This design is based on proven Ultrapak performance and materials, but engineered to provide additional support around the perimeter of the wafer in order to better protect thinned substrates. We've added an upper and lower cushion that is specifically engineered for thin wafer support. This cushion design helps prevent wafer cross-slotting, and improves radial support as well.

Features and Benefits

The Ultrapak wafer shipper is engineered and manufactured to provide the cleanest wafer edge while delivering maximum protection for wafers during transport.

  • Constructed of Entegris' custom polymers to deliver highest performance
    • High-purity Wafershield™ polypropylene box provides a clean, safe shipping environment
    • Ultrapure polypropylene cassette and cushion insert minimize wafer edge contamination
      • Designed to maximize automation interface and efficiency
        • Horizontal and vertical robotic flanges enable easy handling and transport of cassette
        • Center notch track alignment and “H” bar ensure accurate equipment interoperability, both vertically and horizontally
      • Fully interoperable with existing Ultrapak environments
        • Drop-in substitute for Ultrapak cassettes
        • Indexing locations, wafer planes and slot height /shape are identical to Ultrapak

      Material Description

      The Ultrapak box top, bottom, cassette and retainer assembly are manufactured from high-purity Wafershield polypropylene material offering:
      • Low inorganics
      • Low particle generation
      • Low outgassing
      • SPI recycle code – 5

      Product Specifications

      • Length: 146 mm (5.75˝)
      • Width: 162.6 mm (6.42˝)
      • Height: 119.4 mm (4.7˝)

      • Length: 143.4 mm (5.65˝)
      • Width: 125.7 mm (4.95˝)
      • Height: 107.8 mm (4.25˝)
      • Inside track width: 61.6 mm (2.43˝)
      • D1: 14.5 mm (0.57˝)
      • Pitch: 114.3 mm (4.5˝)


      Ordering Information

      Part Number Description Minimum Order Quantity
      H9100-0050 Standard assembly (offered shrink-wrapped) 144
      H9100-0051 Cleaned assembly 144
      Minimum order quantities may apply. Contact your Entegris Regional Customer Service Center for ordering information.

      For More Information

      Contact your local Entegris representative or Entegris Customer Service at 952-556-4181 for more information on wafer shipping for your facility.